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Your Five-Step Plan for Adapting and Prospering in the New Economy

(AMACOM; February 19, 2013)


  1. Millions of Americans are grappling with depleted retirement savings, unemployment, crushing debt, foreclosure, and other financial troubles. Why do you believe recently enacted economic reforms will radically improve the financial state of our nation and the financial situation for countless individuals?                             


  1. Most people have heard about the Dodd-Frank Act, generally. Out of its staggering 2,000-plus pages and 400-plus new rules and reforms, what is critically important for every American to know about Dodd-Frank and its direct, personal impact?                      


  1. In what ways have the new rules and reforms made banking more costly for average Americans? How can consumers avoid new banking fees and penalties?


  1. Whether for a car or college, is it still possible to find a low-cost loan?


  1. In FINANCIAL FRESH START, you highlight the rise of “micro-lending.” What is it, how does it work, and why can it be an attractive alternative for small business borrowers? 


  1. What are some strategies for repairing bad credit quickly and cost-effectively for the 43 million Americans with severe credit problems?                        


  1. Are there legal ways to avoid repaying what you owe? For someone mired in deep debt and desperate for a way to get out, when is filing bankruptcy the best option?


  1. Let’s talk about that dreaded subject: foreclosure. Aside from refinancing, what are common alternatives to foreclosure? How can foreclosure be financially beneficial?    


  1. For generations, homeownership has been the American dream. Why, now more than ever, isn’t it right for everyone?                        


  1. What are the safest places for saving and investing? Is it still possible to plan ahead for and enjoy a secure, comfortable retirement before the age of 90?


  1. In FINANCIAL FRESH START, you urge people to spend less and earn more. How can people save money on major expenses? Would you offer leads for finding additional sources of income?


  1. Do you worry about America’s financial future? What can every American do, starting today, to ensure that the legacy we leave our children and grandchildren is one we can be proud of?