Fresh Start Tool Box

The only shop in the galaxy, where the whole point is helping you spend LESS.

It's no secret. An essential ingredient in recipe for financial fitness is spending less, particularly, less than you earn. But, it's a war-zone out there, with Madison Ave. spending billions to separate you from your hard earned money. The reasons we spend transcend necessity. We want to treat ourselves, we feel guilty, we are keeping up with the Joneses. The list goes on.

Until now tools to help you spend less involve a whole lot of work you just don't have time for, and are hard to remember. Like keeping a budget, and writing down everything you spend. That's no fun. The "Spend Less" store brings you only products proven to help you spend less, and all with 0 extra time thought or effort on your part.

Check out the current featured product - Spend Less credit card keeper works on a basic premise by simply reminding you to think twice before you spend.

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Billions of you taxpayer dollars have been spent on new consumer financial protection rules and reforms in Washington. Financial Fresh Starts help make sure you get your money’s worth!


Most of us find it easier to spend with a credit card than to part with our cold hard cash. Studies show average folks spend as much as 20% more when they’re using plastic!


The family residence is the backbone of the American economy, the most valuable and enduring asset for those who have achieved a financial foothold.