How About a Labor Day Staycation?

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Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Long weekends like Labor Day pose the same dilemma every time: How do you take advantage of the time off without dealing with hordes of travelers and wasting half of your vacation just getting to and from your destination? We’ve got you covered. Here with what you need to know is Shari O.

Do most folks travel somewhere over Labor Day?


  • Almost Half Travel
  • Over 15 Million Air
  • Over 10% Extend

Not everyone, but certainly a lot of us. In fact, almost half of Americans traditionally travel someplace for Labor Day. Many by car. But over 16 million Americans are expected to hit the airways. Often times that translates to long lines at the TSA check points, not to mention flight delays, things most of us would prefer to avoid, especially over vacation when the whole point is to relax. By not flying we avoid the hassles and we save big money we can use to splurge on the fun stuff or even extend our time off. In fact, over 10% of American’s will extend their vacation beyond the long week-end.

That sounds like an awful lot of people at airports. So, what can we do to avoid that hassle?


  • All-Inclusive Resorts
  • Unique Destinations
  • Resident Discounts

Here in South Florida we’re especially lucky because we have so many options. There are plenty of local vacation destinations right here in South Florida that can feel miles away without going very far. And many of them offer special discounts for residents. All-inclusive resorts are an especially great value because they offer one price for everything - kids’ club, entertainment, sports activities, dining, and even include wine and spirits! Right here in our own back yard we’ve got plenty of staycation options. Just for purposes of example our local, Club Med offers all-inclusive pricing.

Another alternative is to take advantage of some of the destinations unique to Florida. The obvious ones include Disney World or the Keys. But we also have some truly unique dude ranch style resorts, for example, that offer family camp weekends right here in Central Florida. And the really good news is some of these spots offer discounts of as much as 50% for Florida residents.

What about folks who can’t get away at all. Maybe they have to work part of the holiday or they’re are on a truly fixed budget?


  • Resident Discounts
  • Multi-Destination Passes

Certainly a lot of folks fall into that bucket, but all is not lost. Some of the local vacation resorts offer more affordable day pass options so you can enjoy all of the amenities without paying for an overnight stay. And, of course, we also have plenty of other day attractions that can make it feel like you’re on vacation. For example, the Palm Beach Zoo, South Florida Science Center and Aquarium, Downtown WPB food tour, brewery tour, and different paddle board, kayaking, and sunset cruises groups often offer resident discounts and even multi feature discount passes.

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