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Lets hope we've past the sequestration rhetoric. It would've been wonderful if the super committee could have agreed on sensible budget cuts...woulda coulda shoulda. The prevailing approach is to see how cuts begin playing out and tweak the loudest fallout...leaders come to the rescue, rather than take blame for specific cuts super committee was tasked with.


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 Double Bubble?  January 2013 Indicators

N.A.R. Awareness campaign provides consumers with insights on Sequestration.

Husband to wife; you've GOT to stop spending so much! Wife; we can’t, need to earn more! The thing that gets me with sequestration (which, incidentally is akin to threatening to "ground" your teen ager if she does get an "A" in math and them ARGH actually having to do it) is that a leading reason for America's budget challenges moving forward is entitlements which sequestration doesn't touch. That's like having a leaky house that's costing you $1000 a month and - rather than fixing it - eating rice and beans every night to cut back your spending.

I’m not sure who decided long ago that chemical imbalances, structural deviations and other medical conditions above the neck (i.e. depression, OCD, frontal lobe damage, etc.) are any different than those below the neck (i.e. diabetes, damaged heart valve, ulcers, etc.) but this seems like a big fat “ah ha”…

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New Home start stats were released today and are up over 8%. To put that into perspective, during bubble years new home starts reached almost 2 million. When the bubble crashed starts dropped to a low of only 300k. Why does it matter to you? 25% of jobs can be traced to homes; more homes means more jobs means more confidence and spending means economy does well means your wallet does well. The bad news?


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