BLANK SLATE not good for the middle class

As a newly retired taxpayer, BLANK SLATE could literally do me in. It is obvious to me that changes need to be made, but it should not fall on the one's that keep the economy going.(middle class)

One of my strong opinions has to do with the Federal Bailouts of large business that was formerly considered "too large to fail". Many of these folks are back in the black now, but still at the expense of their customers. Banks, for one, have levied new fees, and continue with deceptive practices, sometimes causing their stockholders to shoulder the burden thru unnecessary fines.

IMHO, were this "bailout" money given to the middle class in the form of tax breaks or some other means, much of this money would likely have been taxed over and over many times by now, giving government much revenue, particularly state governments. This takes pressure off of the federal government, and it also keeps them from "growing" the government. We all know that they don't "give back" money to the states without a hitch. It usually comes in the form of new regulations and guidelines, which requires constant monitoring.

The wealthy people and big business spends a lot of time and money trying to figure out how to NOT give money to the federal government, whereas most "regular" taxpayers simply pay their "more than fair" share.

BLANK SLATE would simply help to continue to make the rich richer and force more of the middle class into the next lower segment of society. There is NO REASON that they should force us to keep up with the
rules and regulations of a burgeoning economy while forcing us, in essence, to become just another "third world nation" in terms of the quality of life available to it's citizens.


Dear James – Thanks so much for your thoughts!

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